Music at The Clock

The Clock has been a great addition to the town in terms of music. They are having music on both the Friday night this weekend and the Saturday night – and it is not solo artists.

They have a 5-piece band, Falcor, playing on Friday night there and a 4-piece band playing on Saturday night called The Sultans.

So, who is Falcor you ask? Are they from Derry? Is it a bunch of youngsters just starting out?

No, not at all.

You couldn’t be further from the truth.

Moville Supergroup

It’s actually a Moville supergroup composed of musicians from such distinguished and popular bands as The Yetis, James & Niamh, and Pablo and Red.

They read like a Who’s Who of Moville music.

The band comprises Cathal Kelly, Mr Shaun Mc Gonagle, James Mc Ivor, James Mc Donald and Paul Bredin!

That should be some night!

Sultans of Swing

Then on the Saturday, The Clock has The Sultans. They are another Moville supergroup comprised of David Casey, Frank Fiorentini, Dutchman Egon Callery and a great drummer called McGonagle.

They are obviously cranking up the music in The Clock with Christmas approaching.

It’s great to see so much music on in town at the moment.

Great Acts at The Clock

The Clock are putting on some great acts and deserve to get a crowd this weekend.

If they get a crowd I’m sure they’ll continue to put on great acts.

It’s nice to see solo acts and duos in Moville but it’s also great to hear full 4- and 5-piece electric bands belting out the numbers too.

Have a look-in if you can!