Ulster Bank Closing

First of all it was the AIB. After being in the town so many years, it shut its doors. Now customers are only served by a big white van which comes to town for a few days on Wednesdays. Sometimes it can pick up a broadband signal and sometimes it can’t.

They can’t process foreign cheques there. You have to post them off to the branch at Carndonagh.

It makes Moville seem like Hicksville.

Next Please

Now Ulster bank have announced that they are closing 14 branches in Ireland (as well as another 14 in the North).

It was a racing certainty that the one in Moville would close – and it is.

It is closing next March. I presume they are checking out nice white vans.

Now we just have a half-a-bank in the Bank of Ireland.

Internet Bankers

The AIB spent a lot of time showing customers how to become AIB Internet banking users before they closed. I would presume that the Ulster Bank will be doing the same.

It would be a good bet that the Bank of Ireland will be doing  a cost cutting exercise at some point – and Moville would be at the forefront of that you would guess.