Nadene Fiorentini

Everyone around here knows about Nadene Fiorentini and what a great musical talent we have in this area. She was accepted to, and graduated from the Royal Academy in Dublin.

Now she has released her first piano solo album yesterday. The official launch is in Dublin on the 20th of December.

Dublin International Piano Competition (DIPC) is organising the promotion of it.

She will be up here tomorrow and she will leave some of the new albums in some of tthe shops and stores near here.

Maybe she will come and watch her dad, Frank, play in The Clock on Saturday night.

There’s a video to go along with it and it was produced by the Pine studios in Clare.

See a video of Nadene and her career (and piano playing) as well as some great footage of the Green in Moville.

Click here to see Nadene’s video.

It’s fantastic what she has achieved so far and ot looks as if this is just the start. If you see her around, congratulate here and wish her well.

I wonder if she plays any Dylan or Beatles songs………