Moville Music

Moville’s a great place for sampling. Most people don’t just go to one pub on a Saturday night. They’ll start off at one place and end up at another.

So, it was with me last Saturday night. I started off in Rosatos where I took in some of Michael Douglas’s debut there.

From there I went to see Debbie and Geraldine in Annie’s. Once again they were great.

Up the Clock

Then, I was told that there was a 4-piece band up the Clock.

I only managed to catch their last few songs but they were great. I wished I’d come along earlier.

It was almost a Moville and District Supergroup.

The Players

There was David Casey, a well-know musician in the area. Then there was Dutchman Egon Callery, who is a great guitarist.

Then there was Frank Fiorentini, whom you all know.

Lastly, but not least, there was a very good drummer Paddy the Shoe told me was called McGonagle. “He’s a proper drummer” said Paddy “and they are a proper band”.

And so they were.

They were excellent.

Electric Band

It’s great hearing solo artists and duets playing acoustically around the town but sometimes it’s great to hear a proper electric band, with a drummer, belting out the numbers.

I think if more people knew that they were on there would have been a bigger crowd there.

The good news, though, is that they are on next Saturday night again in the Clock.

Paddy says that’s where he’ll be.

I’ll probably be there myself.

I think there will be a bigger crowd this Saturday.