Personally I’ve had a very eventful 2014 and as this year comes to an end I’ll be recalling many instances over the course of it. However one of the most notable memories of 2014 must definitely be my 6 months of Fit Camp with Mia Funfitness (aka Maria McColgan). I’ve know Mia for many years but this past year I’ve not only gotten to know her better, but saw a real insight into the amazing young lady that she really is.
In April 2014 I embarked on my first 6.15am fitness regime. I was dreading it, but determined to instil a new level of fitness into my life. On that first morning back in the Spring, Mia welcomed me aboard and from then, my life changed drastically. And all for the good! Mia welcomed not only me, but the other ladies, three mornings a week. She may have inflicted much pain (all good pain!) on us daily but she inflicted so much more upon us. Mia taught us discipline, motivation, team work, and she inspired each and every one of us on a weekly basis.
Nothing ever seems to much for this one. Then in June 2014 she started a wee running group in the village. As well as meeting us for the crazy fit camp at 6.15am, she was now meeting many of us at 6.15pm three evenings a week. And they’re still going strong.
Mia 1
Now, I know it’s never just one person who’s responsible for a group of people who continue doing something once they’ve started. It’s up to the group to keep the motivation going. But in this case, this one very special person is indeed very responsible. There were many mornings that I (and I’m sure many other ladies) felt that the bed was too comfy…but the knowledge that Mia was probably on her way out of Derry was enough motivation to get us up and out of that bed. She has a way with people that I’ve never witnessed before. She encourages you at every step. She pushes you when she knows you’ve more to give. She motivates in a way that is always fun. And she never seems to take time to accept the praise that is so due to her.
Now as well as the fitness element to this lady, there’s also so much more. For example you might see on her Facebook that she’s just witnessed the miracle birth of some pups….or she’s treating her nieces and nephews to the latest movie….or she might just be on the set of Home and Away with John and Marilyn…..We shan’t go into the ‘pub’ antics just now. That’s for another day.
Mia 2
So on this morning, Dec 1st 2014, I’d like to wish a very very special happy birthday to this very very special lady. Maria, aka Mia, from all the ladies at Fit Camp and all the mad runners, thank you for ALL that you do. Have an amazing day and I hope that all your loved ones spoil you rotten. Cos if anyone deserves it, you do! xx