A few short years ago my youngest son spent his first sleepover with his friend Caolan. Caolan was a couple of years older but they got on well; I knew the parents, so all was good.
Caolan is a local young man (who turned 19 yesterday) and it’s always good when our kids make local friends….Caolan is not only local but his family is well known within the community.
In August this year, Caolan left the village of Muff to join his Dad in Australia for an experience of life and the education it has to offer (who can blame him…many of us are simply jealous).
Luke is the son of the proprietor of The Squealing Pig in Muff …if one doesn’t know him, then one certainly doesn’t know MUFF!! Luke left our village in late October 2014, to visit the island of Australia for a lifetime experience. Luke and Caolan certainly knew each other over the years but made NO plans to meet in OZ.
However, yesterday saw the two guys hook up at a music festival in Perth….no doubt all our ears are burning RED tonight as the talk and goss about the locals and the craic surely centred on the said lads talk of home……
So as we all go off to bed tonight, Caolan and Luke have partyed the night away in Oz….and as the parent of a son living in Canada, I and Caolan’s Mum shed a tear tonight and smiled at the same time.
Life is short…..live it well. 🙂
caolan and Luke