It’s that time of the month again with the ladies…no, not THAT time, but THAT time!!! It’s the time when these gals get together and dine and wine and converse! And boy do they converse! Wine and dine take second place!
And tonight was no exception. Excellent food was consumed. Most excellent wine was downed…and exquisite conversation flowed.
So at this late stage in 2014 there was family weddings to discuss and analyse…the daughter got married and is currently living in marital bliss in Oz…the Best Woman made the ‘Best man’ speech of the year…the best friend moved house…the cyclist welcomed the family home…and the local gal prepares for Amsterdam! Boy these gals are all making the most of life.
The Magnet Bar Culmore provided the excellent food and wine. The food was not only exceptional but delicious and the wine a steal: the staff were friendly, helpful and provided excellent customer service throughout the night. They didn’t blink an eye when we giggled…or gargled..or gossiped (not that we gossiped much!).
I’m not quite sure how it happened but when one bottle of wine was ordered I was told that £1 was all that I need contribute. Excellent value was had all around!
Now these five gals are all friends and live within walking distance of each other….however a certain 3 ladies managed to arrange a lift together and the other 2 were left to walk!!! Or so they thought. Fortunately the said 2 had a back up plan and a certain young gentleman taxied them to the Magnet! We’re still trying to skive a lift to Amsterdam, but time will tell!!!
Weddings were at the fore of conversation tonight and they proved to be very special days. But there was ‘swinging’ and there was ‘scandal’ and there was ‘death’…death in a good way!…’Where do you want to be buried?’ I was asked! Hell, in the ground I did think…but they want location,,,they want prayers…and they want specifics..Girls let’s leave all that for another day. We have our wee Christmas night to get through…the January night in the ‘new house’….the February night in ‘Carn’…and then lots of other nights following!
So for now, let’s treasure friendship, life, and fun…and many more gatherings….here’s to the next get together.
Muff Ladies sure shine…and it’s so true that we remember… as we grow up ‘it’s less important to have lots of friends, and more important to have real ones’….Muff Ladies we are those ‘real ones’…here’s to making more fun memories 🙂