Last Saturday night I decided to venture away from the infamous ‘local’ and frequent a friends Christening Party at The Magnet in Culmore. I hadn’t planned on staying all night and had arranged last orders with friends in the said ‘local’ bar. But that plan fell through when the music got playing.
A band I’ve been meaning to catch all year turned out to be playing and well, one can’t walk out when the beat is a beating and the songs are a flowing. And on Saturday night it was gooooood! Stringfellas were the band (two Muff heads leading it up) and they entertained us all till closing time.
They played Bob Dylan, The Water Boys, Christy Moore, Thin Lizzy, The Undertones, to name but a few. It was one of those really great enjoyable musical Saturday nights. And there wasn’t a ‘Nathan Carter’ tune within hearing distance! Phew!
Headed by Muff’s Mark McKinney, Stringfellas really are worth a hear. Karl McCarron, also hailing from Muff, has joined the band earlier this year. Gary Hume (Route ’66) played lead guitar on Saturday night. A great compilation was the end result.
During their set in The Magnet, Mark sang one of his own songs, Seven Years…released earlier this year on Sound Cloud. A great mix of music was indeed played and it’s one group I’ll definitely go hear again.