Moville Property

It would probably have cost in the hundreds of thousands during the boom years. It’s on Lower Main Street and is a good solid town house on three floors with a bit of a garden at the back.

It lies just below the laundry on Lower Main Street and has a gap between itself and the Corner Bar. It’s reserve price at auction was €30,000.

I’m told that it went for €48,500 – well above its reserve price but a fraction of the price it would have got just 7 years ago.

Moville property prices are still slumping. they are very cheap but few people have any money.

Property prices have started to rise in other areas of Donegal but this area is still inthe doldrums. That property will  be seen to be a bargain in a few years time.

However, house prices may go lower still in Moville before they go higher.