Early in the summer of 2014 I posted a wee article here about the refusal to use the bathroom facilities in a coffee house prior to a community run. Myself and a few gals were embarking on our first 5k fun run and were a tad nervous. And so our bladders were anxious prior to the run. We entered a coffee house and asked to use the bathroom and were refused. I wrote a wee piece following this experience. The feedback was unreal. 99.9% of it was positive in my (my group) favour. However a select few were very negative and quite aggressive in their replies. So much so that I contemplated refraining from this blog. But the positive support encouraged me to continue. Everyone is entitled to their opinion…and I firmly believe this.
Earlier today I was tagged endlessly in Café Soul’s facebook status…and it was only then that I realised that there really are public establishments out there that are prepared to cater for our every need. Their facebook status on Friday 21/11/14 read as follows:
‘Well the big man arrived in the Guildhall to thousands of delighted kids (and big kids) as usual we were packed to the rafters. We must have had over 100 people wanting to use are toilet facilities and as usual for us it’s no problem. We all have kids,some of us have weak bladders because of them kids. Are toilet is always open to anyone at anytime and no a purchase is necessary. Can you tell I’ve been refused to be allowed to pee whilst out walking I was told if I had a coffee shop id understand. WELL I DO AND I DONT UNDERSTAND.’
Now Café Soul I must point out that your grammar and spelling isn’t perfect…but that can be forgiven for now (I shall advise at a later date)…but thank you for allowing your premises to be used by those in need of bladder relief as well as coffee/tea consumption. It didn’t go unnoticed.
cafe soul