Driving home tonight from Clonmany I had a longing for a bag of chips drenched in salt ‘n vinegar! After a long day and no food from lunchtime I decided that chips were going to be my Friday night ‘guilty pleasure’. So knowing that Tasty’s in Quigley’s Point do a mean bag of chips I decided to hold out until I reached Gods country!!!
It was a huge relief on arrival at Tasty’s to see that there was NO queue, so when the chips were ordered I sat down to wait. The music was playing on the radio and unknowing to me I was swaying to the beat and humming the tune (even though I don’t have a note in my head). The lovely assistant obviously noticed my sway and turned up the music and nodded that this move was for me!
Now where else does the local chippy ensure the customer is content whilst waiting, listening to good old fashioned music. Thank heavens it wasn’t Nathan Carter blasting from the speakers!!
The chips were pretty damn good too!