We received this and are happy to pass it on from Kelly-Ann Law.

Urgent Help Needed

hi there I’m urgently requiring some help my grandparents died in a car crash in Whyalla, 12th December 1966 – Kathleen Law (nee Doherty) from Buncrana or Moville 1938 & John Law.

They had three children Gary 9 Tommy 8 and Shaun 6.

Through the generosity of the local people in australia & B.O.A.C my dad (Shaun) and his two brothers were able to come to Scotland to live with my Great Gran.

Over time my uncle Tommy tried to retrieve further information but unfortunately due to ill health he  has not been able to commit to it.

My Uncle Gary has recently passed away and I would love to find out this information for them and make a family tree for them as they were orphaned at such a young age . We have very limited information about their parents.

Uncle tommy is in bad health and we as a family would love to finish off the family tree for him. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I have my Great Gran’s date of birth which is 31.07.1904

Margaret Agnes Hunt – her father’s name was John ? Hunt from Dunglow, a police constable & her mother’s name was Sarah Hunt formerly Cameron.

My Gran’s name was Kathleen Philomena Doherty born 1938.

Her father was Charles Doherty a coporation Labourer and her mothers name was Sara Doherty & Doherty was her maiden name also.

I managed to retrieve this information from their marriage certificate but this is the only information I have.

I would be more than grateful if you could possible help me as I am really at a loose end trying to retrieve this information and it would mean so much to our family.


If you have any information you can contact us [email protected] orcontact Kelly-Ann at [email protected]