Back in June this year I embarked on a few running sessions with a new group. It was certified ‘not serious’ just a ‘fun’ wee gang running a few evenings a week. Each week saw myself and the girls dig deeper and aim further….within a few short weeks we were running a 5k in Derry…then it was a 10k locally (Redcastle to Ture). Since my joining, and indeed the forming of the said gang, the wee group has grown in strength….not just running strength, but female strength…the ladies just keep on coming.
Every week the ‘wee’ group is growing. Ladies are coming from all over the local area and running on a weekly basis. Just last week the gang ran a local 5k in aid of the Muff Community Play Park. The girls all helped raise much needed funds for the park. And it was a personal achievement for each and every lady in ‘our gang’!
Unfortunately I’ve been absent for a few weeks (due to injury!) but the running is burning to return…and it shall…oh it shall 🙂
This wee gang is together thanks to the encouragement, inspiration, (no pressure) and sheer dedication of ONE lady…the dreaded Mia as I call her…aka Maria McColgan. Mia gives up her time 3 evenings a week to take these ladies running. She encourages us every step of the way. If a new girl comes along, Mia gives the more advanced runners a route to follow and she remains with the newby….and never fails in delivering that newby to the established group within a very short time.
Last Sunday morning in Muff saw the results of Mia’s dedication and hard work. The girls (some hungover!!!) completed the Muff 5k and reached personal achievements on so many levels. Without the constant encouragement of Mia, I and these ladies would never be doing these miles. And how fitting that one of Mia’s gang (Teresa Gill) was the first lady home on the day. Well done Teresa.
Teresa Gill
Here’s to many more miles (be they run or walked) with this fantastic gang and here’s to the continued growth of the group. Winter may be approaching fast, but these girls are running faster!
Mia's gang