Halloween in Rosatos

Halloween is one of the favourite festivals in Moville.

Most people get into the spirit of it and get dressed up on Halloween.

Indeed, I hear that Thompson’s shop at the top of the town is doing Halloween costumes.


Rosatos have DJ Scotty on duty on Friday night. It will be fancy dress.

On the Saturday night, Rosatos favourite Damien Sheridan will be playing.

I remember one of the first years I was here I went to Rosatos on Halloween night.

Halloween Outfit

This guy in his Halloween outfit kept coming up to me, standing close and nudging me with a couple of winks. I smiled and nodded my head the first few times. I had no idea who it was.

However, by the 4th or 5th time it was getting annoying. He kept getting inside my ‘bubble’ or my space.

I thought to myself “If he comes over again I’ll tell him to take a run and jump” (or other words to that effect.

However, he went on elsewhere to all the pubs where no one knew him and then came back again.

He kept the outfit on when he came back to Rosatos but this time he was talking – and his voice is very distinctive.

Back In Rosatos

It was pub owner Eddie Harkin.

It’s probably just as well he didn’t come back to me another time.

So, if you don’t recognize someone who is in costume just be careful what you say to them. You never know who it could be. It could even be the pub owner.