Parton with Cash

There has been a few about this weekend for the first ever Parton with Cash festival.

And it’s not over yet.

Amanda’s sisters will be playing Annie’s from 7pm to 9pm.

Down at the Redcastle Hotel, Paddy the Shoe will be playing a Johnny Cash set in the bar there from 10pm.

In the Caiseal Mara will be Paul ‘Jack’ McLaughlin.

In Rosatos there will be Melissa and James. Melissa played last night at the Sean Ti with Kevin and tonight it is James.

She is the one who can do most Dolly Parton songs. Last time I spoke to here she said she could do 5/6 Dolly songs. The rest will be Johnny Cash songs with a few other country classics.

It will be party time on the last night. I always enjoy the Sunday nights of festivals as there is no more work I have to do and nothing else can go wrong once the music starts. So I can relax and enjoy myself.

It should be a great finish to the first Parton with Cash festival.