I’ve been talked into putting on a Country Festival in the Moville area, specifically, Parton With Cash (Dolly and Johnny). I liked the title so that’s why I went for it. I thought it could get publicity with that title. The pubs like the sound of it too.

It will take place the weekend before Halloween from October 24th to 26th.

Click on Parton with Cash Poster 14_v2 to see the official poster designed by Aine Parkinson.

The Acts are:-

Paddy the Shoe

Paddy already plays around 15 to 20 Johnny Cash songs. He is arguably the top musician in the area.

Debbie & Geraldine

They play a lot of Johnnie Cash songs and include Jolene in their normal set. They are looking forward to the weekend with excitement and are hoping to get a gig.

Melissa & Kevin

Melissa can already do 5/6 Dolly Parton songs and she and Kevin will do a mixed Dolly / Johnnie set.

Michael Douglas

I haven’t spoken to Michael yet as I don’t have his contact details but he plays an all country set so he must be able to do a load of Johnny Cash songs. It would be a strange country singer who couldn’t.

Programme of Events:-

This is just what we have so far. It will be added to.

Friday 24th October

10:30pm – Rawdons – Paddy the Shoe

Saturday 25th October

10:30pm – Sean Ti – Melissa & Kevin

10pm – Redcastle Hotel Bar – Michael Douglas

10:30pm – Annie’s – Debbie & Geraldine

10:30pm – Caiseal Mara – Johnnie Cash Impersonator

Sunday 26th

7pm – Annie’s – Amanda’s Sisters

10pm – Redcastle Hotel Bar – Paddy the Shoe

10pm – Caiseal Mara – Paul Jack

10:30pm – Rosatos – Melissa and James

As I say, we will be adding to this.

If the weekend is successful we may even make a Country summer festival.