Eileen Dahill/N.America/Minnesota

Delia’s Gone

My cousin Colleen worked on the MTV video ‘Delia’s Gone’ with Johnny Cash as his stylist on the shoot. The MTV video was not far for the House of Cash where Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash lived in Tennessee. (The House of Cash burnt down in 2007) In a true demonstration of southern hospitality June Carter Cash had EVERYONE over to to the House of Cash for a barbeque. Perhaps because of the dark nature of the video – it only showed two nights on MTV but can now be seen on YOUTUBE.


Kate Moss (model) was Delia in the video. My cousin Colleen is on the left of Kate Moss in the center.


Uncle Pat

I needed a bit more information for my Craic On article so I called my uncle Pat. He was apprenticed as a butcher in Belfast. He stayed in the grocery business his whole career. When he immigrated to Minnesota his first job was working at a Piggly Wiggly Store in St. Paul, Minnesota and 45 years later his last job was at a Piggly Wiggly Store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Now retired, he is always in the know of where his daughter Colleen is on the planet. On her way to the Island of Martinque in a few days but just finishing a Valentine’s shoot he was sure she’d have time to chat about Johnny Cash.

My cousin Colleen added that she felt privledged to work with Johnny Cash during this new era in his music. He had been dropped by Columbia Records after 30 years, but was approached by Rick Rubin of American Recording. Johnny’s songs, wit, and wisdom were to be heard by a new generation of Americans in 1994.

Maybe someone will sing ‘Delia’s Gone’ at Parton with Cash?