Annie’s Bar

I’ve heard it said that there’s nobody around on Friday nights in Moville at this time of year.

Well there was last night.

There was a huge crowd for the opening of Annie’s which used to be the Bar-a-Cuda.

The two small bars at the front have now merged into one big bar.

There was a big crowd in there. Indeed it was difficult to get through to the bar to get a drink.

Back Bar

I thought I’d nip through to the back bar to see if it was open yet.

It was and there was a big crowd in there too to listen to the DJ.

Both bars looked tremendous. Annie’s will be a major player now.

The bars are done up to the standard that would make them a player in Dublin or London never mind Moville.

Differing Opinions

There have been differing opinions in Moville about the effect of Annie’s.

Some say that there will be only 2 or 3 bars in Moville able to compete.

Others say that they will bring people to the town and that will help all the pubs.

One thing I noticed was that all the taxis and buses that take youngsters away from Moville late on were now all parked outside Annie’s rather than in the main square.

But will the youngsters bother going elsewhere now that they have Annie’s?

Top Bar

This is a real top bar. When news gets out I expect that people will be coming to Moville rather than leaving it on weekend nights.

I’m told that the owners, who run the Halfway House in Burnfoot, always make a success at whatever they do.

It looks like they are on a real winner here.