Fortune Saved

It’s been such a good summer that people in Moville have saved a fortune on coal and oil.

I’ve only turned on the heat to dry clothes since late April / early May.

I’ve had a bag and a half of coal sitting out there since late April.

I’ve just lit my first coal fire since late April.

I’d almost forgotten how to do it.

I hope the chimney’s OK.

Same for Others

It will be the same for most of the people in Moville.

The good summer has helped people save a goodly amount of money which has come in handy in these difficult times.

I’m sure that those who sell coal will be delighted to see smoke coming out of the chimneys again and those who sell oil will be delighted to see the temperatures drop at night again.

But for the rest of us it was nice to have a warm, and sometimes hot, summer and early autumn.

We’re nearly half way through October now and the first fires are being lit.

The weather is still pretty good though and I haven’t put the barbecue away yet.

Maybe we’ll be barbecuing at Halloween which is only 3 weeks off.