Anyone interested in a good piece of theatre should really get themselves into Derry’s Millennium Forum today, tonight or tomorrow night. The Abbey Theatre’s production of J.B. Keane’s Sive is currently on stage in Derry. It is not often that we in North West Ireland are privileged to witness the very best in Irish theatre.
Derry and Donegal are currently excellent in their local and national productions being held here, but this is a talent which comes along once in a blue moon.
Keane’s Sive is an exquisite piece of drama and this is guaranteed to have you engrossed. The story is a dark and powerful one of greed and passion. The innocent schoolgirl Sive is being sold to an elderly farmer. Her sobs will tell you all. The harrowing story is one that will leave a lasting impression with each and everyone who sees it unfold on the stage.
There is a matinee show today at 1pm…8pm tonight and 8pm tomorrow night. If it’s one show you go to before the end of this year, I’d highly recommend Sive! Contact the Millennium forum for tickets at Millennium Forum