Town Clock

The Town Clock will be open again this weekend.

It had changed its name to Big Ben’s.

Now it is change its name to The Clock.

Good Food

Alison, who did the food at the Greencastle Golf Club, which always went down well, will be doing the food at The Clock and she will partner with Cathal Kelly who played with Pauld Bredin of The Yetis, as Pablo and Red, and still plays about the town.

According to Cathal, “We hope to have it open on the 8th of October. We plan to have live music every Saturday and hopefully Sunday too.

“There will be some of the same food as the golf club (the old favourites) and a lot of new stuff like build your own burger etc, t bone steaks and Turkey club sandwiches.

Muncie Bowls

“After the kitchen closes at nine we intend to do “muncie bowls” ie baskets of ribs, chilli fries, chicken wings, pit hers of beer, kind of American themed ideas! We’ll also be changing the name to ‘The Clock’.

That sounds excellent and something to look forward to.

The town needs a thriving Town Clock.

With the Caiseal Mara open and the Bar-a-Cuda open it looks as if Moville is on its way back.

Places are opening now instead of closing.

Great Music Venue

Cathal knows all the musicians about the town and can make it into a great music venue again and Alison comes with a high reputation for cooking food, justly earned at the golf club.

It should be open by Wednesday but certainly by the weekend.

Good luck, Cathal and Alison!