Bar-a-Cuda Opening

It does seem unlikely as it is still being worked on but I’m told that the Bar-a-Cuda will be back open tonight (Friday).

There was a rumour that it wouldn’t be able to open till the end of November. Some said it was because it couldn’t get a fire safety certificate. Some said it was because they couldn’t get a licence till late November.

However, it seems that, although they did have fire safety problems, they got the fire safety people in to ask them what they needed to do and then did it and got the certificate.


I’m told that there will be music tonight but can’t confirm it.

As of this morning there was no name sign outside the pub so whether they call it the Bar-a-Cuda again or not remains to be seen.

There is always a chance that they can’t get it into sufficient shape to open tonight but it seems that the intention is to open tonight.

See you there!

Update 8pm

I was passing there at 8pm tonight and there didn’t seem any activity. There wasn’t even any lights on.