Blackberry Season

The blackberry’s are out in Moville and it seems like a good crop this year. The blackberry’s are large and plentiful.

They got the rain at the right time when the bushes needed it and got the sun and warmth at the right time for the fruit to flourish into a good crop of large, juicy blackberries.

I’ve got a bush of them out the back in the River Row and go out and get some to put in my porridge most mornings.

Porridge Recipe

I use milk instead of water to make the porridge with just a smidgen of salt (apologies to Brian McDermott, the no-salt chef).

I mix in strawberries and blackberries while it is cooking so that some of them break up and make it a nice appetising looking colour.

It tastes great.

I have a large bowl of that i the morning and I don’t feel hungry again till 3 or 4pm.


I’m on a kind of diet but it’s more like a part-time diet, only following it for three days a week.

I eat as much as I want in terms of porridge, home-made soup and fruit so that I never feel hungry. However, I have lost half a stone so far.

I combine that with a game of pitch and putt at Cooley 4 or 5 days a week.

I’ll need to think of something else when the pitch and putt closes and the blackberries run out.

Meantime I’m taking full advantage.