There’s not a family in Donegal that isn’t going to be represented at Croke Park tomorrow. There isn’t a house in Donegal that isn’t sprouting the Green and Yellow colours at the moment. The county is awash with colour. And it’s a delight to see. Young and old are talking about it. The All-Ireland final 2014 is first and foremost in everyone’s lives.
And Muff is NO exception. The entire village has gotten behind the minor and senior Donegal squads in wishing them well. The village is a hive of activity with The Squealing Pig, The Rock Bar and The Carmans showing the game. The local Community Hall is opening for the occasion and the match will be shown live there on a big screen – this will enable young families to come out and experience the atmosphere of the game.
From early tomorrow morning the county roads will be bumper to bumper with traffic headed one way… Croke Park. And here’s hoping that tomorrow evening the roads will be the same…and both Tom and Sam will be en route back to the hills….the hills of Donegal.
Declan Bonner and Jim McGuinness are already heros in Donegal….tomorrow will see them become superhero’s when their squads lift those all important cups…Tom and Sam! Up Donegal from all in Muff!