Eileen Dahill/N.America


The Last Rose of Summer

“Tis the last rose of summer left blooming all alone, all her lovely companions are faded and gone”

I remember visiting my family and someone always had a single rose floating in water in a bowl. I always thought that this was amazing.

Unlike Ireland, roses can be hard to grow in Minnesota. Few are immune to the first hard frost and the injury of the coming winter in our northern climate. Some will be wrapped in burlap and twine and covered with leaves in hopes that they will survive. How do we know our fate for the coming months? The woolly bear!


The woolly bear caterpillar is said to predict our winter better than any farmer’s almanac. The blacker they are the more fierce our winter. And it looks like a tough one ahead.

How my mom and I spend every summer: LEMONDADE STANDS

Some of my friends have cabins, season tickets to our beloved Minnesota Twins baseball team, go fishing, biking or swimming but we stop at ALL lemonade stands. Here’s one –


This lad looks a bit too old to be selling lemonade. But he has parlayed his corner business into several daily stops with his portable stand he rigged up. He’s on this corner around mid-afternoon. But sometimes we go chasing him around the to see where his next stake out is in the neighborhood. It’s totally worth the stop.