A group of local girls began running with Mia Funfitness just a few short months ago. This group formed to train for fun and to run a few miles on a weekly basis. The said girls had never run before and had no real aspirations to take part in any official runs. Over recent weeks other ladies have joined the group. And even last week yet another lady joined us.
Yesterday 10 of the girls ventured into Derry to run the 5k Derry City parkrun. This included the girl who had just started running last Monday night. Off we headed yesterday morning. There was definitely a few nerves among the bunch.
However those nerves were soon abated with the encouragement from the officials of the Derry City parkrun.
park run
Approximately 60 athletes set off along Derry quay at 9.30am (yes WE are athletes girls!). As we approached the Peace Bridge there was another official encouraging us along. And the same as we came off the Peace Bridge at the other side. On we jogged. When we met the leading runners on their way back again, we were NOT deterred (even though we still hadn’t reached the half way stage. On we jogged!
Around the statue in St. Columbs park and we had reached the half-way mark. Yehaa! Two and a half K down, two and a half K to go. The sweat was a pouring, the breathing was a fretting. But on we jogged! With continuous support from the parkrun officials. Then it was around under the Peace Bridge and up that mountain to the bridge. But on we jogged!
As we came off the Peace Bridge the official was still waiting and supporting and encouraging us into the home run. A straight run down the quay. Well as straight as we could see…the vision was blurring and the sweat was still pouring.
By now the main athletes were all home (as were some of our gang), but on we jogged! And finally the end was in sight! I heard my name….people were encouraging me over that line. And over it I did go…as did many of our wee running gang before me…and a few just behind me. We ran 5k and it felt good.
This might not seem like much of an achievement for some people, but for our wee gang it was huge. It’s showed how far we have all come and developed in a very short time.
running gals
So a treat was in order. Off the 10 gals headed for a very deserved coffee (or two) to Sainsburys restaurant. A seated area outside provided the perfect scene for reflection on our morning run!
The Derry City parkrun gang made the event very enjoyable for us all, and they were so very supportive. We shall most definitely be back!
gals coffee