Having been missing for two weeks from fit camp due to illness I was a little tired and weary as I arrived at the scene this morning around 6.15am. I started thinking I really should have just turned over in bed and gone back to sleep. But here I was and Mia was in her usual warm up, no pain on gain mode. And it began.
After the dreaded warm up we embarked upon ‘Deal or NO Deal’ regime! During this workout Mia has a deck (or rather 10 decks) of cards in the centre of the pitch. At each corner is the four suits…hearts means ‘burpees’…diamonds means ‘Bob the builders’….clubs means ‘press ups’ and spades means ‘squats’! Sounds fine! We are split into teams. Mine had 5 members. One team member begins the run to the centre of the pitch and collects a card. If it’s the 10 of hearts, then we do ten burpees each, and so on. However on getting the ‘joker’ each team member must do ‘ten’ of the said exercises!!
cards 1
So over the next 40 minutes each team ran for a card, came back and we all got on with the moves. By 7am we were shattered. And then the Dreaded Mia lived up to her name and instead of allowing us to choose our last card, she hands us the flipping joker…at 7am! Grr….so as other teams were finishing up, we were there doing 10 of everthing. But alas, our team leader (who shall remain nameless) decided that at the end of the session it must surely be time for ‘half price sales’ and insisted we all do just 5 of each. Wonderwoman…5 it was…oh I think my last count may have been 4!
cards joker
Mia was too busy doing the stretching to notice…definitely a first! We got away with it! (Until she reads this no doubt!) Although it was funny and liberating at the time!! Something tells me next week could be tough!!
So, half price sales are not just for the shops…they’ve now expanded to fit camp exercises as well!!
Half price