Craicon Muff has been going now for approximately 18 months. In that time the popularity of the site has soared. Certainly around the local area it’s getting widely read, but worldwide it’s gone crazy. I have messages on a weekly basis from California and other parts of the US, Australia, the UK, Europe; all saying what a great way to keep in touch with what’s happening at home. It still amazes me the messages I receive.
At present the facebook page has over 900 likes and is growing ever popular with the selection of photographs from various events held locally and in nearby areas.
The overall craicon site is currently within the top 1500 websites for traffic in Ireland, according to Alexa. That’s pretty good considering we are covering such a small area. And yet there is always so much to tell and do.
So now I’m just sending out some feelers to see if any businesses both locally and further afield would be interested in advertising on the site. There’d be NO extortionate advertising rates….guaranteed excellent value for your money. It can be a small fee on a weekly basis, or a reduced fee for a monthly or 3 monthly basis. A wee story can be told to publicise your business also! As well as advertising on the website I would also do some publicity on the facebook page.
At present craicon is getting anywhere between 500 to 2000 article reads a day! And with every new story it grows.
Anyone who might be interested in advertising just send me a wee pm via the facebook page or email [email protected] just to let me know that you might be interested!
This is just to see if there is an interest to develop this facility. No one is under any obligation when replying.