The Scottish Referendum on Independence takes place next week on September 18th. Just a month ago Yes was 22% behind No. At the weekend two polls were out, one of which put No 4% ahead and the other which put Yes 2% ahead.

Every single newspaper and news outlet is telling the Scottish people to say No. But there’s now a panic at Westminster and they suddenly decided that the Scots will be offered more if they’ll just say No to Independence. They are flocking North this week to tell the Scots how to vote.

That’s just what the Scots love best – Englishmen telling them what to do.

There’s weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But will the Scots grasp this once in a lifetime chance to run their own affairs? I’m surprised at the number of Irish people who say that Scotland would be better to say No and that they couldn’t run their own affairs without English help.

Here’s a song that Joe Barr, a regular visitor here from Paisley, wrote called For Freedom. To hear it just click on For Freedom and then click the arrow.