There’s currently an Open Mic in Maguires which started at 4pm (I write this at 6:10pm).

Bobby Does Dylan will put his Dylan performance on at 8-10pm at St Eugene’s Hall. I saw it last night. It’s great.

It’s International Night at the Redcastle Hotel.


The Redcastle has an Open Mic with Mickey the Hat at 7pm from North Wales.

At 8pm Riccardo DeLussu, who has come all the way from Cagliari in Sardinia to play, will play at the Redcastle.

He will be followed at 10pm at the Redcastle Hotel by Jacques Mees who has come from Holland to play.


In Rosatos, the great Al Diesan, who has made such an impact here will be playing Rosatos. The man from Cagliari will be sure to attract a crowd.

Sean Hiboy, who has played every DylanFest, will be in Rawdons.

This is the big night. There’s a lot to enjoy.