A number of weeks ago I posted a piece here on ‘craicon’ regarding myself and a number of other ladies being refused use of toilets at a Derry coffee premises. I was unsure about writing the piece but the other ladies involved insisted I did. As a result of that I got hundreds of replies from people complimenting me for highlighting the poor service there. I also received a select few nasty comments. I take all on board. However I never condoned the refusal in general of private toilet use. On the said day, the premises was empty and we girls were going to be paying customers a short time later. I had planned to return to the coffee shop but some of the nasty replies turned me against such….
However tonight I experienced something completely different in a Derry city restaurant. Myself and my husband were sitting in Mama Masala just a short time ago enjoying a delicious meal. The restaurant was exceptionally busy and customers were being turned away. A young couple came up the stairs and into the restaurant. They asked if they could use the toilets. A member of staff (I think was the manager, but unsure) had NO hesitation and told the lady to work away. The lady used the toilets and then she and her partner returned to the member of staff to thank them. And they left.
Now I would NOT expect any restaurant to allow every non paying customer to come along and use the bathrooms, but this service was simply a delight to witness on a busy Saturday night.