The star of last year’s festival, Al Diesan, will kick off DylanFest 2014 in Moville tonight.

Al played a really memorable gig on the Saturday night in Rosatos last year.

It’s great to see him again.

Also, now in town and setting up his show in St Eugene’s Hall is Bobby Does Dylan. He has his sound engineer and lighting man over to put in his Dylan Unplugged show with special effects like spotlighting.

His shows are on Friday and Saturday from 8pm to 10pm.

Jacques Mees has been here for a few days and Riccardo DeLussu has managed to make his way here from Sardinia in Italy.

He had intended to get here last night, or at least in the early hours of the morning. However, one of his planes was late, they lost his luggage and he was stuck in Heathrow Airport. He got here at about 9pm tonight.

We’re all ready to go and it’s Al Diesan’s night tonight.