by Gerry McLaughlin

Jacques Mees

A few years ago, Dylan Radio had a worldwide contest to find out the best Dylan Acts in the world. There were 130-140 entries. They made it into a knockout.

Jacques Mees, from Tilburg in Holland, got through to the semi finals where he was knocked out by the eventual winner. He won the play-off for 3rd spot, so he could argue that he might be the joint 2nd best act in the world as both he and the guy who was 2nd lost to the eventual winner and both beat the 4th place guy. Jacques was just unlucky enough to meet the eventual winner in the semi rather than the final.

Jacques Mees at the DylanFest on the Lough in Moville

Jacques Mees at the DylanFest on the Lough in Moville

Stuck Inside of Moville

The DylanFest organisers got in touch with Jacques to see if he might like to play at Stuck Inside of Moville, the DylanFest on the Lough, in Moville.

He played in Rosatos, Maguires and there was a very memorable final night in the Bar-a-Cuda that people here are still talking about.

We have tried every year since to get him back again but without success. People kept asking “Is Jacques Mees playing this year?”

Redcastle and Rosatos

We have finally managed to get him back again. He’s playing two gigs in Rosatos and one at the Redcastle Hotel during the DylanFest which takes place from August 21st to 24th. There will be many people who will be delighted to hear that.

Jacques is actually arriving a week early this time. He arrives tomorrow, Saturday the 16th.

It’s a very strong, mouth-watering, cast this year.

I can’t wait.