Jacques Mees

Already they are starting to arrive for next weekend’s DylanFest. Jacques Mees, who is playing only his 2nd DylanFest is already here (in Derry) and will arrive in Moville on Saturday.

Al Diesan flies in from Cagliari in Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy, on Thursday. His fellow Sardinian, Riccardo DeLussu is flying in also for the first time to play the Redcastle Hotel, Rosatos and Maguires.

Bobby Does Dylan comes via boat on Thursday with all his fancy equipment on Thursday. Mickey the Hat comes for, I think, his 6th DylanFest from North Wales then too.

Uomo Senza Nome

Last year the mysterious man known on Facebook as Uomo Senza Nome (the man without a name) contacted me and said he was flying in from Detroit just for the DylanFest. He’s also the man without a face as he didn’t reveal himself even though I introduced myself and then Al Diesan in Rosatos. I knew he must have been in the room and would know who I was – but he chose to keep his secret.

However, he described the gigs and sent me a picture of Al playing in Rosatos. He said he would try to get back this year although he would be in Argentina then. He’s not responding to my messages this year.

Last year there were a couple of guys who came from Australia for it.

From Cleveland

This year Michael Masterson posted on the DylanFest Moville Facebook page:-

“Coming in from Cleveland, the RocknRoll Capital of the World, to Moville, the very Best place to be for the Groove, 21st thru 24th. Been looking forward to this all year! See you all there!”

It’s looking like it’s going to be a bumper year this year.