This post might just be a little late but the sentiment is still the same. Happy 60th birthday Vincie McColgan. One of the village’s outstanding citizens this greeting comes from all. Vincie turned 60 yesterday (Friday) and took us all by surprise. No one thought he was a day over 40!
Vincie pic 1
What can I say about Vincie? Way too much! But it can only be good! On a personal level, this man taught all my boys footballing skills…manners…and respect. Any good football manager does the same. and Vincie was/is one of the best. My earliest memory of him is, my eldest son training for the under 12 team over 13 years ago. He (my son) was a sub on this first match…and he was pulling Vincies shirt asking if he was getting on. I told him to stop but Vincie told me to leave him alone. Before the game ended the kid got on..and played a blinder. He continued to improve on the pitch as the years went by. Then Vincie coached my other boys and to this day they can only say positive and great things about this guy.
However the man does have his faults….he’s a Liverpool supporter. Well, maybe I’ll ignore this at the present time. But it is still a flaw..a huge an Arsenal fan, I can’t possibly condone such!!
As a local man and meeting him in the ‘Pig’, one can’t but love the guy. He always has time to say ‘hello’ and sit for a chat. No one ever goes unnoticed to Vincie.
vincie pic 2
Now as for his family, I could be biased!!! I could…I could…Shauna (who left us and went to Oz) taught ME many footballing skills…well maybe I taught her a few too! Niamh, well she allegedly makes the best ever wraps…according to my kiddo…and she loves YOGA…ha! Michelle she comes to ‘fit camp’ when it suits and lies on when it doesn’t. As for Maria, she tortures me 3 days and evenings a week! Some days I could reach for her…ach god love her, she’s really a true inspiration to us all. Go Mia! And well, Mags, she just keeps us all alive and sane at ‘fit camp’! (I’m still waiting on my pressie from Oz!) She is also a huge contributor to all our kids at QPS.
So Vincie, from all at craic on Muff and the entire community, here’s hoping you had a great 60th and here’s to many more years to come. Go Vincie!!