Eileen Dahill/Minnesota

Never Hurts to have Miss Shamrock

As founder of the St. Paul Irish Dancers the perfect recipe for our performances at Irish Fair in Minnesota include great masters of ceremonies. This year it was the hosts from radio KFAI Radio Malarkey (Minnesota) Siobhan (Louth) and David (Kerry). Their touch of tomfoolery becalmed the fast paced Irish dance stage. And yes, Siobhan WAS Miss Shamrock in 1998.


And Where’s the Rest of that Skirt?

I am an Irish dance teacher that brings the farm to almost every performance. Extra shoes, socks, tape, crowns, headbands all come with me in a duffle bag. Something is always accessed. This year, I approached a Miss Donohue with my time worn quote – “Where’s the rest of that skirt?” She had shot up at least 2 inches over the summer and was ready for a women’s size – about 5 minutes before our first show. We do not wear traditionals during the summer but light summer togs.


Musicians always needed for the craic.

This year at Irish Fair Emmett and graduating senior Abigail sang.


The Fairest of Them All

I was surprised to see so many of the alumni Irish Dancers show up for our shows. They wore no costumes. They just kicked off their shoes and away they danced to a rake of reels.


Donegal Bands Seize the Day

Back to back on Sunday was the Screaming Orphans and Altan. Both bands were incredible. I had a few words with Joan Diver. (drummer/Screaming Orphans) They were driving back to New York City (at least a 20+ hour drive) and then flying back to the state of Iowa. The Diver sisters have been at this pace in America for the last 2 months. No sooner had I engaged the Diver sisters in a few quick questions when they were ushered off to sign their CD’s. Over her shoulder Joan shouts out that their latest video “Lonely Boy” was produced in Portugal. I know Altan will return to our stage as guitarist Daithi Sproule has made Minnesota his home but I hope the Screaming Orphans return.