Today saw thousands of students across Ireland receive their Leaving Certificate results. No doubt most people will be delighted with their results but there will always be those that didn’t get the required points. Stay positive everyone, the end of the world is not near.
Everyone has choices and you will too. Be patient and look into every avenue possible. The college offers will be out next week and then you can really start to plan your future.
Should you not receive the offer you desire, again, don’t stress. There will be another option available. And should all else fail, there is the option to return and repeat the Leaving Certificate. This might sound outrageous at the present time, but it’s always worth considering.
I did such, as did my sister and my brother. It was one of the best years I’ve spent in school. I knew it was my only chance to succeed academically and I worked like hell. It paid off. So always keep it as a back up option.
I met quite a few students today (whilst enjoying a celebrator lunch) and all had huge smiles on their faces. Deservedly so. Muff has certainly produced some amazing students.
An amazing future awaits you all. The right pathway will present itself and soon you will all be travelling it. This is just the beginning. Enjoy the journey!