Currency Fair is a service online that allows you to change your money at a great rate. Living in a border town such as Muff, many of our locals work in Derry and other parts of Northern Ireland. They are therefore paid in sterling and they must then convert the money to euro to pay many of the household bills.

This facility enables the ‘middle man’, ie. the bank, to leave the equation. Therefore you, the customer are getting the benefit.

For anyone interested in this service check out their website and see for yourself if it will be of benefit or not. One just never knows until one tries. Here’s hoping it helps save you a few squid!!

Currency Fair

Email from Currency Fair MD
Hi webmaster,

I just noticed your recent post about CurrencyFair on your site. Thanks for that, you have it pretty much spot on as to what we’re doing.

I just wanted to let you know about the transfer fees, which are in our FAQs but possibly not as easy to find as they should be! The link is here. Click on:-

Currency Exchange Fees

So it’s 3 EUR or 3 GBP for the standard transfers (which usually take 1-2 days in EUR and 2-3 days in GBP).
It’s free to deposit into our accounts unless your bank has charges, which generally they don’t, since our EUR account is in Ireland and our GBP account is in the UK, so it’s usually local transfers on each end.
So basically you deposit, for free, and then get either the rate that you see and match on the market straight away (or a better rate of your choosing, assuming it does get matched down the line), and then pay the 3 EUR or 3 GBP to send it to out to a bank account.
Note we don’t do cash deliveries, so the money must be sent to a bank account in the same currency (it doesn’t have to be your own though, so you can send money to friends/family, or pay for things in foreign currencies as long as you know the destination bank account details).

Please give me a shout if you have any questions and thanks again for helping to spread the word.

Best regards

Brett Meyers – Managing Director

CurrencyFair Limited