Last night saw the ‘grand finale’ of the 2014 Muff Festival at the Squealing Pig, Muff. Everyone will surely agree that the entire festival went swimmingly (no pun intended!). A great weekend was certainly had by young and old alike.
Pig 002And just when you think one couldn’t get up to any more madness, the village comes alive into the wee hours. The Squealing Pig was hosting an end of festival night with Big Billy Carlin providing the entertainment. And provide the entertainment he certainly did. Now I’ve seen some sights in the Pig ‘wee bar’ on many an occasion but last night will remain as one of my fondest memories for some time to come.
Pig 003Billy sang and he joked…he told stories…and he sang…and he joked…and all over again. He had the crowd (and boy was this a crowd) bowled over in laughter and he had them dancing the night away. But alongside Billy there was Natalie, there was Francie, there was Francis, there was Joe, Billy’s son, there were a few more I don’t recall the names…and there was Declan Reid. Normally the quiet one (yeah right) in the corner, Declan took centre stage last night for a number of songs. From the madness of ‘Madness’ he had everyone on their feet….and then to Erasure, he had them on the chairs….and before I left I believe they were on the tables and every other surface but the floor! The talented people in the Pig last night alongside Billy Carlin made the grand finale of 2014 one that won’t be forgotten for many moons to come.
PIg 001A tear or two was shed as young Caolan and his Mum left to prepare for Caolans departure today to Australia. Here’s hoping it’s an amazing experience for the young Muff fella. Billy sang Men at Work’s ‘Do you come from a land down under’ for Caolan…and it was emotional…but the grand finale continued.
A great weekend was rounded up to perfection with this party in the ‘Pig’. Trouble free, hassle free, and just great community spirit was celebrated until the wee hours. And no doubt there’s a few sore heads about today. It’s just 12 months till we get to do it all again!!
Pig 004