I’m sure every establishment believes their bar staff are the best. There sure are some great quality bar staff around, but none come close to those in The Squealing Pig, Muff. I’ve heard many people speak of bar staff who serve who they know, overlook strangers at the bar, and regularly serve without the smile! That you just wouldn’t find in the Squealing Pig, Muff. These guys and gals are second to none!
Pig staff 1
For the regulars, they have the drink poured as you open the door. For the stranger, they take time to chat, serve and smile. No one is ever left standing. That was proved last night and all over the festival weekend. A drink gets spilled on the floor, a member of staff is upon it immediately. Toilet roll runs out in the loo, it’s replaced immediately. You catch the bar man/gals’ eye, and your drink is served immediately. They are just a pretty cool bunch. (now I’m hoping for a free drink this weekend!)
Keep up the great work folks. It doesn’t go unnoticed…..:)
Pig staff 2