Saturday night of Muff Festival 2014 I was looking forward to a few quiet drinks in the Squealing Pig, following a family meal earlier in the evening. Friday night at the opening of the festival was a bit wild (all in a good way) so I was hoping to grab a few quiet pints with family and friends. This I managed to do.
But I wasn’t quite expecting to keep turning my head and watching the young man who was playing guitar and singing in the corner of the bar. Luke McLaughlin from Derry, (although he does have many familial ties with Muff!) was singing some amazing music including Beatles classics and Oasis. I’d heard this young man last year and was well impressed with him. But on Saturday night there was a more mature young man singing. A definitely developed musician over the past year. This chap has a voice that will turn heads, a look that will turn heads, and a personality to match both. Down to earth, friendly, exceptionally talented, this guy is someone to watch!
Luke 1
Currently playing with his band, The Turning, Luke travels all over the UK, Europe and Ireland. When home in Derry, he always gigs in the area. Muff was fortunate to experience him this past weekend.
Last night Luke was part of the Moville Beatles Fest 2014. He played in the Redcastle Hotel bar to an audience of Beatles fans. Unfortunately I was unable to make the gig, but the festival organiser Gerry McLaughlin, told me that ‘He was brilliant. A good musician and a good singer. Tony Bramwell watches some songs when people are playing but he watched every song of Luke’s very intently. I was hoping my taxi driver wouldn’t be able to find me for a while.’ Bramwell was clearly impressed with our young Luke (Yes, we in Muff are adopting him as one of ours!) and Gerry McLaughlin didn’t want to leave!
Today I caught up with Luke and was keen to see what his perception was of last night’s gig at The Beatles Fest. He tells me ‘The Audience at the Beatles fest were great, they seemed to really enjoy set, and really interacted which was great, I’d definitely play again if I was asked!!’
I thought that maybe The Turning would be a great act to possibly come aboard for the festival next year in Moville. Luke agrees. ‘Without a doubt, I would love to see The Turning asked to play next year at the festival, I think people could really enjoy a full band of 17/18 year olds enjoying and playing the type of music they love!’
Luke The Turning
The Turning are going to be playing in Derry later this month. They will be headlining The Gay Pride festival in the Guildhall square on the 23rd of August, then again in Sandinos on the 24th in the back bar!! Be sure and go along if in the vicinity. This is one group worth checking out. And you can’t be disappointed with the vocals of OUR Luke McLaughlin!