Putting Green Cafe

It was a shame that the Putting Green Cafe didn’t get open for Here Comes the Sun afternoon yesterday. Perhaps we were tempting fate with that title. It belted down all afternoon.

However, it is open today for the Open Mic. The Plasticine Porters from Belfast, who played the Sean Ti last night and also Rosatos during a break by Michael Thomas, are going down at some point.

Martin Moir is also going to play a few tunes as well.

It seems that they have a bigger generator there that you can plug into this year.

Beatles Tunes

If anyone wants to go down to play a few Beatles tunes (and maybe a few others) just go down and play. It’s an Open Mic from 2pm till 6pm.

If you just fancy a cream tea or chocolate cake washed down with a cup of tea or coffee with the backdrop of Lough Foyle with maybe some Beatles music just go along.

For visitors, if you are in town just head for the shore and turn left and you’ll see signs for it. It is just past the tennis court.