Putting Green Cafe

The afternoon was a washout at the Putting Green Cafe but it was a great night at the three locations involved in the BeatlesFest.

There was a big, big crowd at Rosatos to see American Michael Thomas play.

We went up to the Sean Ti to see Matt Whoriskey play after that. I wondered whether there might be many there.

But there were!

Big Crowd

There was a big crowd. I was astonished. Matt Whoriskey played another great gig with his 26 Beatles songs along with a few others.

The Plasticine Porters had made their way to Greencastle as well and they played during a break by Matt and again when he had finished.

It was a great night. I’m told there were quite  a few at the Redcastle where Paddy the Shoe was playing.

And there is another afternoon and night still to come at the Putting Green Cafe, the Redcastle and Rosatos.