Hard Day’s Night

It’s a Hard Day’s Night tonight at the BeatlesFest on the Lough  with three venues.

It’s a shame that Here Comes the Sun Afternoon at the Putting Green Cafe was completely washed out but that won’t stop the action tonight in the pubs.

Playing tonight in the Redcastle is Paddy the Shoe. That starts at 10pm.

Playing tonight in Rosatos is Michael Thomas, the virtuoso New Yorker who so wowed the crowd there last year. That starts at 10:30pm.

In the Sean Ti is Moville & Greencastle Songwriter Contest winner Matt Whoriskey.

All Three

You could probably take in all three going to the Redcastle first, Moville next (Rosatos) and then up the Sean Ti in Greencastle.

It should be a night to remember tonight.

If the weather is better there will be Strawberry Fields afternoon at the Putting Green Cafe tomorrow.