Everyone else is doing it, so why not me? Not really the average ‘girly girl’ I don’t pay many visits to a ‘nail bar’. Mind you surprisingly with the word ‘bar’ there that I don’t!! Or so some people might think! Today changed all that.
NIcola 1
‘Make Me Up by Nicola’ is a new make-up mobile service recently set up by a local girl. So when my wee cuz was having her nails done earlier today in the comfort of her own home, I decided to gate crash the ‘nail party’. And it won’t be my last!
I was chatting to Nicola and telling her that I don’t have great nails but I’d love to have them in top shape for a special occasion I have coming up at the end of September. She reckoned she could do something with them. I didn’t want false nails or such, so didn’t expect much success. So her magic she did work! I think it’s a ‘gel’ polish I’ve had done! It looks good and the old nails might just grow with this smothering them! I’m assured that on my return in a few weeks time I’ll see growth, and then by September Nicola assures me that I’ll be at that ‘top table’, speech at the ready, and nails to die for! Until today I’d never have believed her. But I’m starting to think it might just happen.
So cheers ‘Make Me Up By Nicola’ I’m looking forward to your continued ‘nail’ support! I don’t doubt that you really will ‘nail’ it!
NIcola 2