Posted on Facebook by Michael Fiorentini:-

Hi folks,

Today’s due to be the last day of this scorching weather so why not come out and support a good cause while soaking up the rays.

At 4 o clock there’ll be photos being taken for the papers on the beach at the bottom of Lafferty’s lane, to show the support for the movement against the proposed sewage treatment plant for that very area.

If developed, the plant will obscure the natural beauty of the shore as well as compromising the health of countless marine ecosystems, in essence tarnishing a crucial part of Moville’s identity, as well putting and end to long summer days at Glenbournie beach with the family.

Support will be greatly appreciated from people of all ages, so for the sake of 10 minutes lets get together and make the effort to save our shore!

Thanks for your time.

And see you there.