Mark McKinney from Muff is currently putting the finishing touches to his forthcoming CD. The collection will be launched in the next few weeks. At present Mark has released a track, ‘7 Years’, from the CD. You can find this on sound cloud or the link is on Mark’s own Facebook page.
On listening to this single you immediately grasp that it’s an American Country styled tune. The lyrics are very personal and it’s brutally honest. Genuine love is at the core. Do check it out.
Mark McKinney, 7 Years single cover
Mark tells me he wrote the song as an anniversary gift for his long term partner Elaine when they were together 7 years (hence the title). Elaine loves American Country music and hence the style of the song!. The single was recorded in Derry by Brian Magoo, who plays drums and bass on it. Mark himself plays guitar and vocals. Jim Walker from The Jay Walkers plays slide guitar.
So there’s a good collection of musicians on this work.
This is only serving to enhance the musical talent that is currently hailing from our wee village of Muff. The talent is endless.
Check out Mark’s single ‘7 Years’ and the CD will be released soon. Watch this space!