From Paedar McKevitt:-

For your information, videos of the dolphin pod joining the Moville Lighthouse Swim
19.Jul.2014… enjoy!
The Loughs Agency:

Swimming beside the competitors

Swimming in and around competitors

Swimming along with Loughs Agency at Moville

A great sight in Moville!

Showing off in front of the boats

The loughs Agency was present today at the Annual Swim in Moville [MLS
2014. Some familiar friends turned up to surprise the swimmers!!
Lee Doherty:
Great day!! Doing safety for Moville Lighthouse Swim and a pod a
dolphins decided to join in the fun at the Lighthouse — at Inish

Short video of the dolphins today off Moville Lighthouse — at Inish
Don McGinley:
Swim day… 38 participants not counting the Dolphin

Swim day for dolphins too..stealing the show.

Dolphins Lough Foyle at Swim Day, Light house challenge.