Lighthouse Swim

How long do you think it would take you to swim from the slipway at the old pier in Moville out to and round the lighthouse and back again?

Do you reckon you could do it in 15 minutes and 58 seconds?

That’s what the winner of the race, Shane O’Doherty, from Sligo did it in – and he only won it by one second from Gerard Curran from Derry and by 4 seconds from Gerard McCarthy.

Indeed, I’m told that Gerard Curran drifted off course and had to swim round the rocks at the old pier and would certainly have won it if not for that.

Close Finish

That’s a sensational time and an astonishingly close finish.

Three years ago there was only one swimmer, Paedar McKevitt. Two years ago there were 15 swimmers. Last year there were 24 swimmers.

This year there were 38. They are hoping to go past the 50 mark next year and maybe the 100 mark three years from now.

Certainly the people who swam will be telling lots of other people about their swim with dolphins in the Foyle. Shame we can’t guarantee them every year.