From Paedar McKevitt:-

Swimmers & Supporters,

Thank you everyone for your participation & support with MLS 2014… one
of the great openwater swims of the year!
There was almost a photo finish between Shane O’Doherty (MW, Sligo Swim
Club), Gerard Curran (MS, City of Derry Masters) & Gerard Carthy (MS,
ILDSA) with four seconds separating these three champion swimmers.
Please find below a full listing of provisional timings which are posted
on the website ( & FB page

We hope to source and post later as many photos & videos of the event
we can identify, including the large ship encounter at the lighthouse
and the special guest appearance of the pod of 12x dolphins who joined
in the swim half way through the course (we’ll be chasing them later for
their ILDSA Membership fees! :-))

Perhaps the day can be summed up the sample of quotes below from MLS
2014 Swimmers (& otherwise as indicated):
“This is the best thing that I have done all year long!”
“thanks for the brilliant Moville swim… had a great time and are
already looking forward to next years!”
“Moville Lighthouse Swim completed today. Can’t believe a few months
ago I started swimming. If you had said to me I would have done a
triathlon and an open water event, I would have laughed out loud. To top
off the swim today I was literally swimming with dolphins. Happy Happy
“Congratulations , another superb event . We are getting bigger and
better each year , the dolphins were a master touch!”
“…a great swim today. I had the added bonus of swimming with the
dolphins for part of it. I look forward to next years swim.”
“Mammy, when will I be old enough to swim around the Lighthouse like
those guys?” – Comment by 5 year old boy to parent, overheard at The
Putting Green Cafe.
Moville Lighthouse Swim 2014 – Swimming Hall of Fame
MLS 2014 – Hall of Fame (

Pos Time NAME Category Position
1 15:58 Shane O’Doherty Male Wetsuit 1st MW ***
2 15:59 Gerard Curran Male Skin 1st MS ***
3 16:02 Gerard Carthy Male Skin 2nd MS
4 17:48 Mervyn Kelly Male Wetsuit 2nd MW
5 18:06 Ronan McClean Male Skin 3rd MS
6 18:44 Declan McKerr Male Skin 4th MS
7 19:39 Garret Healy Male Skin 5th MS
8 20:57 Anne Watt Female Wetsuit 1st FW ***
9 21:09 Elaine Robie Female Skin 1st FS ***
10 21:11 Eamon Kerr Male Skin 6th MS
11 21:16 Donna Philson Female Skin 2nd FS
12 21:17 Kieran Coyle Male Wetsuit 3rd MW
13 21:21 Kevin Cooper Male Skin 7th MS
14 21:22 Des Hayes Male Skin 8th MS
15 21:24 Aoife Logan Female Skin 3rd FS
16 21:26 John Coyle Male Skin 9th MS
17 21:46 Conor Drumm Male Skin 10th MS
18 22:20 Declan Neeson Male Skin 11th MS
19 22:20 Gerard Brown Male Wetsuit 4th MW
20 22:55 Jill Mills (Simpson) Female Skin 4th FS
21 23:05 John Simpson Male Skin 12th MS
22 23:39 Paddy Bradley Male Skin 13th MS
23 23:58 Jolene Linehan-Harkin Female Wetsuit 2nd FW
24 24:19 Barry Tourish Male Skin 14th MS
25 24:44 Patrick Bond Male Wetsuit 5th MW
26 25:55 David Rodgers Male Wetsuit 6th MW
27 26:17 Martin McCullough Male Wetsuit 7th MW
28 27:11 Cathy Farren Female Wetsuit 3rd FW
29 27:23 Donnchadh Murphy Male Skin 15th MS
30 29:17 Leo Gillen Male Wetsuit 8th MW
31 30:21 Carmel Quigley Female Skin 5th FS
32 31:56 Finbar McCallion Male Skin 16th MS
33 34:44 Maeve Gillen Female Wetsuit 4th FW
34 34:45 Grainne Gillen Female Wetsuit 5th FW
35 36:06 Tara McKevitt Female Skin 6gh FS
36 53:08 Karl McCarron Male Skin 17th MS
37 53:09 Peadar McKevitt Male Skin 18th MS
38 DNF Nuala McParland Female Skin DNF
39 DNS Brendan Campfield Male Skin DNS
*** Swimmer placed first in their category

Additional Thanks to the following without whom the event would not be

Inish Adventures support kayaks: (
Adrian Harkin
Additional names pending

ILDSA – Irish Long Distance Swimming Association: (
Jeff Wilson (Treasurer / Membership Secretary)

Irish Coast Guard, Greencastle Unit safety boat:
Charles Cavanagh
Additional names pending

The Loughs Agency safety boat: (
Michael Cavanagh
Brian McNicholl
Leanne Thompson
Andy Sides

Media & Additional support:
Finbar McCallion, MLS 2014 Poster

Caoimhne Barr, Inishowen Independent
Sarah McKevitt & Michael McKevitt, Timekeeping & Coordination
Gerry McLaughlin, Timekeeping & Coordination (
Nuala McParland & Eamon Gillen & Sons Ltd
( for light snacks
for Swimmers
Thanks again everyone for swimming, supporting and sightseeing during
Moville Lighthouse Swim 2014.
Looking forward to seeing you for MLS 2015, let’s see if we can make 50x
swimmers in 2015!

Best regards & swim on, Peadar 🙂
[email protected]